I'm watching:

  1. Doom Patrol season 2.
  2. Hololive. I watched a couple of Kizuna Ai videos a few years ago then completely forgot about the whole things. On August 2020, I did a quick google to see what is going on with her channel and found out about the new company, VA changes... Youtube started to recommend me some Hololive clips; a few days later I began to watch them live. I like the detective, reaper and princess; they're ok in my book.
  3. HealthyGamerGG. I started watching the channel after Reckful. I've been trying meditation and improving myself and it's a daily struggle.


The Platform

I really like the movie and its social commentary. It reminds me of the sayings 'Where you stand depends on where you sit.' and 'Pick your battles.'. I heard of them a lot around 2008 during the financial crisis.

Personally I deliberately and subconsciously choose to be ignorant on many topics. Maybe one day I'll educate myself on them.