This isn't investment, it's pure speculation at best and gambling at worst.


I feel alive testing my hypotheses, regardless of wins or losses.

Financial Responsibility

I've a separate retirement account and a fun account. The former account is invested in boring ETFs and bonds to hold forever. As for the latter, it isn't a big deal if I lost it all.

I also only allocate a few percentages of my portfolio for every risky play. So a single loss won't wipe my entire account. On the flip side, I'm not going to get rich any time soon.

I followed /r/wallstreetbets and it has been a wild ride. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose; at least my account is still positive. I got burnt playing naked options so I don't want to touch them for now.


Beware: Survivor Bias belows.

UPRO/TMF 55/45

I found about this through the subreddit; it was originally posted at bogleheads. I invested most of my fun account into this play at the beginning of 2020.

In March 2020, it was down by 30%. Luckily I didn't abandon the strategy and I also kept buying UPRO as it went down. I also did some re-balancing during that time, sold TMF and bought UPRO.

Since then, it has steadily recovered. As of September 2020, it was about 15% up.


I saw the posts about the mattress company on subreddit at the end of July 2020. They had sound arguments and data to back them up, at least to my ears anyways. It was down more than 30% after earning but had recovered since.

  • August 2020: bought 100 at $24.72, sold covered calls.

Profit: 10.89% (269.14/2,472) from calls.

Plan: I shorted covered call 25C 10/16 and I plan to let the shares be called.


First time I've ever heard and invested into SPAC. Bill Ackman is behind this so it has a lot of hype going.

  • July 2020: bought 189 at $21.82.
  • September 2020: did some swing trades when price was round $22, sold all warranties.

Profit: 3.85% (174.09/4520.88)

Plan: pray for good news about the targeted mature unicorn.


I've high hope of it as the same management team of SHLL is behind this SPAC.

September 2020: bought 100 at $10.54.

Plan: may buy more


I want to buy and hold FAANG shares. FB seems like the cheapest out of them.

September 2020: bought 10 at $281.27.

Plan: long term hold for now.