TDD | source code | website

Practicing TDD while reading TDD with Python.

GraphQL example | source code | writeup | website

Really basic GraphQL example, built on SQLite3 and Nodejs.

Santander Customer Satisfaction | source code | writeup

The ensemble model for the contest placed in the top 20%.

NanoTwitter | source code | writeup | website

A Twitter clone built with Sinatra and PostgreSQL. Used Redis as caching backend.

Homepass | source code | writeup

A Raspberry Pi 2 hotspot setup for Nintendo 3DS Streetpass Relay. Used systemd to change access point’s SSID and MAC every 5 minutes.

Carpe Diem | source code | website

A Rails app for Brandeis students to announce, discover and sign up for impromptu events within campus. Used Ajax for asynchronous database query, cron jobs to archive expired events daily.