created: 2022-08-11 updated: 2022-09-10

Setup Windows 10


iwr -useb|iex


I use scoop to install most of my software. I disable auto update in the software and will only update using scoop command.

Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -scope CurrentUser
iwr -useb | iex


scoop install 7zip git sumatrapdf mpc-hc-fork bulk-crap-uninstaller freedownloadmanager aria2

scoop install sublime-text
reg import C:\Users\V\scoop\apps\sublime-text\current\install-context.reg

scoop install vscode
reg import C:\Users\V\scoop\apps\vscode\current\vscode-install-context.reg

scoop install python
reg import C:\Users\V\scoop\apps\python\current\install-pep-514.reg

scoop install cmder mdbook nodejs-ltd hxd adb ueli anaconda3
scoop install keepassxc anki winscp eartrumpet deepl sharex calibre dotnet-sdk


Tree Style Tabs

Solution to hide horizon tabs from Superuser.

  1. Toggle toolkit.legacyUserProfileCustomizations.stylesheets in about:config to true.
  2. Open Folder for profile in about:support.
  3. touch chrome/userChrome.css
  4. Inside userChrome.css:
#TabsToolbar {
  visibility: collapse;

#sidebar-box[sidebarcommand="treestyletab_piro_sakura_ne_jp-sidebar-action"] #sidebar-header {
  visibility: collapse !important;
  1. Enable Title Bar in Customize Toolbar...
  2. Restart Firefox.