created: 2022-08-22 updated: 2022-09-10



I'm working through Elements of Programming Interviews.

I'm starting to see some patterns with problems, which is a good thing.

I've been procrastinating for a few months now.

My github repo: here


Shift + Alt + O to organize imports.

Sublime Text 4

Alt + Left Click to collapse sidebar folder.

Deploy sub directory to Heroku

git subtree push --prefix part3/phonebook-backend heroku main


I stayed up late one night to set up Firebase App Check for my personal project. I got it working with Cloud Functions but the token wasn't passed to FireStore. I read the documents multiple times, checked my code to make sure that it was set up correctly and everything was the same as the provided example.

I went to bed and first thing in the morning, I looked through the settings again and saw this.

No support yet

I couldn't believe I missed that big orange warning section.

Staying up late reduces my productivity and mental capacity. I didn't realize how my mind was trapped in a tunnel vision.

Libraries to use for quick prototype

Front end

@import url("");
@import url("");

Back end

npx json-server -p3001 --watch db.json

Look into

postgresql -> rest