created: 2020-08-14 updated: 2022-08-14



I watched a couple of Kizuna Ai videos a few years ago then completely forgot about the whole things. On August 2020, I did a quick google to see what is going on with her channel and found out about the new company, VA changes... YouTube started to recommend me some Hololive clips; a few days later I began to watch them live.


  • Holodex for following schedules and knowing who is currently live.


In Japanese idol culture, an idol celebrate their retirement with a graduation ceremony to say goodbyes to their fan. In the context of vtubers, it's more like the final day of a job before they move to another job. The character they used to play is dead, they're getting a new one.

In theory, it should be the same as an end of beloved TV or book series. Yet I felt different. For whatever reason, the whole thing feels artificial, it isn't authentic or sincere to me.



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