Persona 4 Golden

I started playing Persona 4 back in 2008; I lost my save so never finished it. As the game came to PC, I finally had the chance and motivation to restart and beat it.

The gameplay is great, I'd describe it as traditional turn based JRPG combined with dating sim. IMO the story does overstay its welcome, the beginning feels too long and there are lot of downtimes in the middle. Moreover I prefer darker theme of Persona 3 to Persona 4. Persona 4 is still a great game though.

I got the golden ending on 7/5/2020. I'm missing a few achievements; I am not a completionist so I don't feel like starting new game + any time soon.

Thanks to the game, I became a longtime fan of SMT series and Atlus. I imported Demon's Souls, SMT: Strange Journey and SMT: Devil Survivor to UK when I was in college. Funny enough, I also lost my save to Strange Journey; maybe one day I'll attempt to complete Strange Journey Redux.

Monster Train

I'm a big fan of Slay the Spire and the former game scratches the same itch. It combines deck building with tower defense, which are pretty cool.

I got to covenant 25 so I'm taking a break from the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn

The story is ok; I zoned out a lot during the cut screens. I skipped a bunch of side quests as the game started to become a chore.

The gameplay is pretty fun, rolling around and shooting weak points on machines. At the beginning stealth was important as my weapons were limited. By the end of the game, I resolved to use explosives for everything.