Financial Responsibility

I've a separate retirement account and a fun Robinhood account. The former contains boring ETFs and bonds. As for the latter, I'm mentally prepared for the worst scenario of going to zero.

These days I'm hand off with my accounts, all transactions are for rebalancing portfolio.


  • Follow The wheel strategy loosely. Roll for credit (never debit) or let the shares be called. If opportunity cost is great, let shares be called and use the funds for other plays. Rolling means closing a position and opening a new one; they are independent plays.
  • There'll also be ups and downs. As long as I manage my risks properly, I hopefully can live to fight another day.
  • It isn't worth it to do this full time; the profit is below minimum wage.


Beware: Survivor Bias belows.

These aren't investments, they're pure speculation at best and gambling at worst.

UPRO/TMF 55/45

I came across this while browsing reddit; it was originally posted at bogleheads.

I invested all of my fun account into this play at the beginning of 2020. In March 2020, it was down by 30%. Luckily I didn't abandon the strategy, I rebalanced during that time, sold TMF and bought UPRO. It recovered in 2021, but went down heavily again in 2022. As of today, August 2022, it's down by 12%.


The planned portfolio allocation is 55% VTI, 25% VEU, 15% BND and 5% cash.

I use SPY and VTI, VEU and VXUS, BND and AGG for tax-loss harvesting. The portfolio became a bit complicated as I shuffled funds around to realize loss. As of now August 2022, I finally got it back to only VTI, VXUS and BND.